Welcome To The British Society Of Australian Philately

Australian Map made out of stampsWelcome to the British Society of Australian Philately (BSAP)


This Society, dedicated to the study, research and promotion of the collecting of Australian stamps and postal history was originally founded in 1933 as the Australian Commonwealth Specialists Correspondence Society of Great Britain.  It was reformed in 1946 under the name of the Australian Commonwealth Specialist Society and adopted the current name in 1960.

Over the years the scope of the Society's interests has widened and now embraces all aspects of Australian collecting including the Colonies that now comprise the States of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Very few collectors these days collect across the wide range of material available and most members tend to concentrate on one or two of the many aspects of the hobby which appeal to them.  Australia has a very wide philatelic menu from which you can choose.  The early Postal History touches that part of British history that typifies our then Colonial aspirations and was a major destination for our transportation policy.  From there the story of this antipodean Colony can be traced through the postal history and this includes not only the development of an essential railway system but goes on to demonstrate the dramatic effect that the development of the aeroplane had on the ability to communicate within this large continent and with the rest of the world.

Whatever your collecting interests there is something within this country that you will be able to pursue.  The early classic stamps have a fascination of their own while the stamps that emerged from the institution of the Commonwealth in 1913 have much to offer in terms of many printings, watermark studies, designs and commemorative issues celebrating a wide range of events.  The more recent issues have their own interest and Australia Post continue to stimulate the collecting hobby with our members contributing to the study of contemporary stamp issues and Post Office practice.

The Society has members world-wide and holds full day meetings at various venues, together with regional meetings in Ringwood and Exeter/Pensilva(at Cornex) on a regular basis; we hold an annual Convention and A.G.M. at different locations; we have an exchange packet and there is an extensive library from which members may borrow some of the more elusive reference books.

The management of the Society is in the hands of a Council which is elected by the membership and also provides for the election of members to Fellowship for those who have made important contributions to the Society's objectives.